Home Automation

Create an intelligent home and savor the wonder of technology.

Customize your home, making it a personal sanctuary that delights your senses and matches the way you live. 


Imagine preset scene experiences in various areas of your home, such as "morning" where the shades  automatically go up, the TV goes on and the coffee starts brewing. Entertaining becomes easy with preset playlists, lighting and temperature. See who's at your door or gate and speak to them when you're not home. Let your favorite music greet you as you walk into your home and head for the preheated hot tub.

 Manage every room from wherever you sit with a device, even when you're not home. We integrate audio, video, lighting, shading, security, climate control, phone systems, entry systems, gate controls and more to give you the environment you desire. In addition to utilizing mobile, tablet or computer, we also use voice controls from amazon echo or google home so that you can make verbal requests.